In the current website, AREX LITE, you can download CEL files from work published from the Benfey Lab

For your convenience, we are still providing the Chip Enrich software (Brady et al, 2007).

For Root Digital In Situ (Root Gene Expression Visualization), go to Arabidopsis eFP Browser

Please note that the Arabidopsis eFP Browser and the old Arex website contain different data.

The Arabidopsis eFP Browser presents the output of an algorithm that incorporates the spatial (cell type-GFP marked expression) data and temporal/longitudinal data. This algorithm infers the expression of individual cell types at different time points. Please, look at Cartwright et al., 2009 for more details.

In the old Arex website, which you might have used in the past, normalized expression values from the cell type-GFP marked sorted lines were presented. This is the raw data from single cell types with no temporal information.